Radically Improve Your Ability to Deliver Your Projects

It's easy to talk about delivering projects. But in the real world, it can be enormously challenging. 
In these videos you'll learn about the top problems that cause projects to struggle, such as denial of risk, unrealistic timeframes, no clear objectives or statement or requirements, and more.
But we don't just talk about the problems: you'll get 10 concise, insightful videos that provide solutions for dealing with them.
You'll then get another 12 videos (we planned to only provide 20 videos total but we just couldn't help ourselves!) that go over key best practices for project management. We'll hit topics such as progressive elaboration, managing stakeholders, defining success, and influencing techniques (techniques that work even when you don't have authority!).
WBS? Critical path? Too often these come off as academic topics that are under-appreciated in the real world. We'll not only talk about them. You'll get practical insights on how to apply the learning from an internationally recognized expert on project management: Andy Kaufman, PMP.
These 22 FREE videos will explain EXACTLY:
  • The top critical issues that are deadly to project managers' ability to deliver
  • How to engage your sponsor to better set your project up for success
  • Powerful influence techniques to help you get what you need, when you need it, regardless of your level in your company
  • How to avoid having stakeholders blindside your projects
  • How to manage risks head-on instead just waiting for them to take over
  • And much, much more.

Prefer to watch the videos from iTunes or a mobile device? You'll get a link to do that!

Plus, after you watch all 22 videos, you qualify for a free phone consultation with Andy Kaufman, PMP. You can talk with Andy to get expert insight on how you and your organization can overcome the issues that are holding you back from consistently delivering projects successfully!

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